LoLStudio 2 was here

LoLStudio is not only an offline League of Legends data manger. It helps you live a better life, get plenty of women and survive the Zombie apocalypse. It's free and runs without an installation.

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What is LoLStudio?

With this software you can browse League of Legends champions and items offline. It allows you to easily filter, sort and categorize all the relevant information. LoLStudio also allows you to create item builds for all your favorite champions and they will even show up in the game itself.


How does it work?

All the data is fully automatically downloaded, verified and applied. Every piece of information is kept in an easy to understand and easy to modify data folder. Everyone can add, remove and update all the information with a simple text editor and share it with the community. You don't need to have League of Legends installed for LoLStudio to work.


Why is it free?

I wrote this software for myself in my spare time. Actually I wanted to get more comfortable with Visual C# and what better way to achieve this is there but to create something fun, useful and exiting. The result was much better than I anticipated so I decided to share it with the internet.


Is it legal?

Sure it is. All the information and pictures are originally collected from the official site. The method to get the items sets to appear in the game was implemented by Riot themselves. I simply use what they have given me.